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  1. LED Street Light-180W/200W
  2. LED Street Light-180W/200W
  3. LED Street Light-180W/200W

LED Street Light-180W/200W

  • Size:see details
  • Lumen:see details
  • Watt:200W|180W
  • CRI:≥70|≥80
  • CCT:2800-3200K|4000-4500K|5500-6500K|Customized
  • Warranty:3 Years Warranty|5 Years Warranty
  • Standard:CE RoHS

LED Street Light-180W/200W

  1. Detailed information

LED Street Light-180W/200W


  • Quality aluminum die casting radiator, the special spraying process,the panel waterproof optical lens,With anti-corrosion salinity,high transmittance characteristics.

  • High brightness, excellent light distribution curve, good heat dissipation characteristics.

  • Wide exposure range 40*12m illumination uniformity.

  • Than traditional high pressure sodium lamp saving more than 40%,intelligent control, power halved midnight.

  • 180W / 200W LED street light equal to traditional 400W high pressure sodium lamp brightness.

  • Lamp life up to 50,000 hours. energy saving LED lamp supplier energy saving LED lamp supplier energy saving LED lamp supplier energy saving LED lamp supplier


  • Roads

  • Secondary roads

  • Branch roads

  • high way

  • Industrial Park





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