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  1. 30W,50W,100W COB LED Flood Light
  2. 30W,50W,100W COB LED Flood Light
  3. 30W,50W,100W COB LED Flood Light
  4. 30W,50W,100W COB LED Flood Light
  5. 30W,50W,100W COB LED Flood Light
  6. 30W,50W,100W COB LED Flood Light

30W,50W,100W COB LED Flood Light

  • Size:see details
  • Lumen:see details
  • Watt:30W|100W|50W|50W
  • CRI:≥70|≥80
  • CCT:2800-3200K|4000-4500K|5500-6500K|Customized
  • Warranty:3 Years Warranty|2 Years Warranty
  • Standard:CE RoHS

30W,50W,100W COB LED Flood Light

  1. Detailed information

30W,50W,100W COB LED Flood Light

Product Description:

Lamp typeCOB LED Flood LightCOB LED Flood LightCOB LED Flood Light
Lamp Power30W50W100W
LED Type1919COB1919COB1919COB
Chip brandEpistarEpistarEpistar
Lamp viewing angle60°/90°60°/90°60°/90°
Color temperature(CCT)3000K/4200K/6000K3000K/4200K/6000K3000K/4200K/6000K
Power Factor0.90.90.9
Input Voltage(V)AC85-265V   50/60HzAC85-265V   50/60HzAC85-265V   50/60Hz
Luminous Efficiency(lm/w)85-95lm/W85-95lm/W85-95lm/W
Lamp Luminous Flux(lm)2550-2850lm4250-4750lm8500-9500lm
Working Lifetime(Hours)300003000030000
Working temperature(℃)-25℃ to +45℃-25℃ to +45℃-25℃ to +45℃
Lamp Body MaterialDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminumDie-casting aluminum
IP Rating656565
Housing finished color:white white white 
Size (MM)210X140X63245X192X72245X285X83
Export Carton size(CM)
Warranty3 years3 years3 years

1.Private molding, we have die casting facility and own our molds this make us extremely competitive.

2.Using #12 aluminum, in which dissipation is the best, other factory always use #10 .

3.Narrow beam angle, suitable for many special occasion.

4.Special plastic reflector, in which it’s one- step molding, the lifetime is higher than the aluminum reflector because did not do any chemical treatment, and the transformation rate can be catch 100%.

5.The wielding temperature is under 80 degree, it’s good for the lifetime of LED chip and driver.

6.Using white glass, the light transmittance can be catch 92-95%, other factory always use green glass, in which light transmittance around 82%, so our lumen is higher than other factory who use green glass.

7.High lumen because we use special plastic reflector and white glass.

8.The dissipation is better than the traditional flood light as the driver is internal so can use the whole backplate to radiating, the traditional flood light only use 2/3 to radiating as the driver is fixed in the backplate.

9.The Candela is good than the traditional flood light, we tested it, we can use COB 50W flood light to replace 100W traditional LED flood light, it’s more competitive.

10.Using copper terminal, good pulling and avoid deformation, it’s good for the waterproof, the wire is very easy to pull out if using other material, such as aluminum or metal.

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