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  1. 100-300W LED Tunnel Light
  2. 100-300W LED Tunnel Light
  3. 100-300W LED Tunnel Light
  4. 100-300W LED Tunnel Light
  5. 100-300W LED Tunnel Light

100-300W LED Tunnel Light

  • Size:see details
  • Lumen:see details
  • Watt:200W|150W|100W|300W|see details
  • CRI:≥70|≥80
  • CCT:2800-3200K|4000-4500K|5500-6500K|Customized
  • Warranty:3 Years Warranty|5 Years Warranty
  • Standard:CE RoHS|TUV|SAA|ETL|UL

100-300W LED Tunne Light

  1. Detailed information

100-300W LED Tunnel Light

Product Description:

Product CodeWattLight SourceInput VoltageCRICCTLight EfficiencyBeam AngleProduct SizePacking Information
LT-SD100W08100WPhilip SMD3030     56pcs*2Group  AC85-265V80Ra3000K 4000K 5000K 6000K 100-110 LM/W75*140304*262*88.8mm370cmx320cmx155cm
LT-SD150W08150WPhilip SMD3030     56pcs*3Group  AC85-265V80Ra304*354*88.8mm420cmx395cmx195cm
LT-SD200W08200WPhilip SMD3030     56pcs*4Group  AC85-265V80Ra304*446*88.8mm515cmx395cmx195cm
LT-SD240W08240WPhilip SMD3030     56pcs*5GriupAC85-265V80Ra304*538*88.8mm605cmx395cmx195cm
LT-SD300W08300WPhilip SMD3030     56pcs*6GroupAC85-265V80Ra304*630*88.8mm695cmx395cmx195cm energy saving LED lamp supplier energy saving LED lamp supplier energy saving LED lamp supplier energy saving LED lamp supplier energy saving LED lamp supplier

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