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Urban nightscape lighting VS LED lighting fixtures

2016-02-29 01:02:55 Lightac Industry Co.,Limited Read

Urban nightscape lighting VS LED lighting fixtures

Read somethng about Urban nightscape lamp compare with the LED Lighing fixtures from Lightac.

There are many different lighting fixtures that can be used for urban nightscape lighting. However LED Panel Light and other LED lighting fixtures beat most lighting fixtures for they have many advantages. When we purchase lighting fixtures for nightscape lighting, our paramount considerations are effect, performance and cost. When we do cost comparison we can’t just compare purchasing price but combining life span with cost and then do a comprehensive analyze.
Because some lighting fixtures with high efficiency and long life span with low maintenance cost, certain degree higher price is reasonable economically and technologically.
Traditional lighting fixtures used in nightscape lighting like incandescent and halogen lamps are instant-start and have high CRI but low luminous efficiency. The most comprehensively used flood lighting fixtures are high pressure mercury lamps, high voltage sodium lamps and metal halide lamps. These lamps can realize large-scale lighting however, there are still drawbacks-they need time to be stabilized and only totally cool-down tubes can be started again if meet accidental die out. In addition, traditional nightscape lighting fixtures are not dynamic, although their color can be changed with color filters but they will affect system efficiency.

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