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different LED color for Different Wavelength

2015-11-23 02:26:59 Lightac Industry Co.,Limited Read

As you know different colors different wavelength, so check below lightac list,

Generalized wavelength for LED chip
Unit: nanometer (nm)
Red: 615-650 nm
Orange: 600-610 nm
Yellow: 580-595 nm
Yellow-green: 565-575 nm
Green: 495-530 nm
Blue: 450-480 nm
Purple: 370-410 nm
White: 450-465 nm

Strict wavelength for LED
Red: 620-630 nm
Orange: 603-608 nm
Yellow: 585-595 nm
Green: 515-525 nm
Yellow-green: 565-575 nm
Blue: 465-475 nm
Purple: 370-410 nm

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