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Knowledge of High Power LED & Lower Power LED

2015-11-23 01:33:35 Lightac Industry Co.,Limited Read

Here do the introduction of the high power LEDs and lower power LEDs, people on the business of LED lamps wil frequently see those specifications, so , we should need to know and understand those knowledges.

High Power of LEDs------------Knowledge

Generally, high-power LED light source is a single LED power higher than 0.5W. At present, many manufacturers use low power LED, but it need use a lot of LED, and also lower power LED with higher light decay. So its trend to use high power LED source in commercial lighting.

High power LED is a light emitting diode with high rated current. Low LED  power is generally 0.1W, operating current is 20mA, but high power LED can reach 1W, 2W, or even tens of watts, operating current can be range from tens of mA to several hundred mA. Due to the constraints of flux conversion efficiency and cost, it decides high-power mainly used in some special lighting areas in short-term, and long-term goal is the general lighting.

High power LED advantages:
High-power LED as the light source with features of low power consumption, less heating, long life, fast response, good direction and so on. Housing is available for PC pipe, able to bear high temperature of 135 degrees, low temperature of -45 degrees.

High power LED disadvantages:
Current high-power LED light conversion efficiency is still low, and cost is high. White LED color is easy to be changed for long time use, cooling.

Application range:
High-power LED mainly used in oilfield, petrochemical, railway, mining, military and other special industries. And most important is high power LED is more and more popular in general lighting.


Lower Power of LEDs------------Knowledge

Usually, low power LED with rated current lower than 20mA, if higher current can be counted as high power LED. And recently most common used lower power LED is DIP and SMD. And they also have different types, here are the details:

1) DIP LED (Light emitting diode): We have called LAMP LED, DIP LED also includes many types:
By colloidal shape: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, square, oval, and there are also some special sharps;
By color: red, orange, yellow, green yellow, green, blue green, blue, pink, UV, white, infrared, etc.


                                                                                                                       Dip LED

2) SMD LED (Surface mount device): surface mount diodes or surface mount components are its name; SMD also has a variety of types:
By size: there are 2020, 3528, 3535, 5050, 0603, 0805, 1210, 5060, 1010 and so on. Generally, SMD are diamond-shaped, so its name is based on the size L * W, most SMD use inches for units, only a few are used millimeters, such as 1608 (1.6 * 0.8mm) and so on. The color and colloid are the similar to DIP LED, only the shape of the product is different.


                                                                                                                           SMD LED

Low power LED advantages:
It is with small size, good for lighting design with small space; and even color; also good for radiate heating.

Low power LED disadvantages:
Low brightness and light efficiency; high light attenuation; usually one lamp need several LED, poor stability.

Application range:
Usually used as back light source for TV, mobile phone, card light etc; and LED Display also need thousands of lower power LED, some companies even used in LED lamps.

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