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Features of some LED Industrial Light

2015-11-21 21:13:47 Lightac Industry Co.,Limited Read

Have a look below some different outdoor lamps on their features.

LED lights, like LED street light,LED Flood Light, can be regarded as LED industrial light since it can provide bright light for industry areas to satisfy different requirements. It means LED industrial light is used in  street, tunnel, factories, a tunnel, subway, cold storage, billboards and so on. In addition, for different usages, the LED industrial light has different features. Here are the features of each kind of LED industrial light.

LED Street light has long lifespan. If there is no operation trouble, it can uses for as long as 50,000 hours. The scientific and creative design of the radiator combination makes the heat transfer and release faster meanwhile minimizing the LED brightness decline. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor places. It can combine with the street environment well due to its graceful design.

LED Tunnel light consumes less energy comparing to conventional or halogen spotlights.  Its radiation angle is wide so it can lighten extensive area. At the same time, the operation temperature and body temperature are less than 60 degree. Besides, the maintenance cost of LED Tunnel light is extremely low.

LED High Bay light is safe and reliable. It is delicately designed and made with sealing structure to proof against water, dust, acid or air from getting inside the light source chamber. I t helps the light stay away from ageing, damage or light color fading. It also has high intensity toughened glass cover to protect it from shock or impact.

LED Flood light is made of high quality tempered glass to ensure the hardness and rigidity of the light. It has high purity aluminum reflector. It is environment friendly product without hazardous materials, heat radiation. It does no harm to eyes and skin. As a consequence, LED Flood light is a really green energy efficient lamp.

LED Pendant light applies the most advanced high efficiency LED power driver in the world to ensure the electric efficiency. Its light distribution is well designed to make the light distribution much better. The working temperature is much lower due to the high radiating efficiency.

All in all, LED industrial light is energy saving, environment friendly and not fragile. It has high strength tempered glass and high purity aluminum reflector.  It has significantly longer life, which reduce the maintenance and material costs. It is uniquely designed to have modern and beautiful appearance and good working condition. Therefore, LED industrial light is an ideal choice for both the house, office or public area decorations.

What is your favourite one ? which products you are in need of ? let us know .

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