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Basic Lighting Knowledge You should Know

2015-11-21 20:31:50 Lightac Industry Co.,Limited Read

Lightac here again to list some details about basic lighting knowledge, lightings is not only the brightness, but also  more others.

People should know some ideas when buy the energy saving LED lamps,it is better to just choose and consider the is nice but do you ever consider the safety,warranty and quality?

Let's study some through Lightac web database.

Basic Lighting Knowledge

1) Lumen (lm)

Lumen is the international (SL) unit of luminous flux, a measure of overall light emitted by a light source.

and it is also one of the major specifications of the lighting products whatever the LED lightings or Traditional lightings. energy saving LED lamp supplier

2) Candela (cd)

Candela is the international (sl) unit of Luminous Intensity, a measure of light emitted by a light source in a particular direction.

Any given light source will have different luminous intensities in different directions considered.
[candela = lumen/solid angle] energy saving LED lamp supplier

3) Beam Angle [Unit:degree]

Beam angle is the angle between two directions for which the luminous intensity is 50% of the maximum intensity as measured in a plan through the nominal beam centerline. Beam angle of a bulb gives an idea of how the light beam spreads away from the beam center.

There are many beam angles for different kind of products, for examples, 60°,90°,120°,180°,270°,360° etc, also exist below 60°,like 15°,30°,45°etc, tell your supplier which beam angle you prefer. energy saving LED lamp supplier

4) LUX (lx)

Lux is the international (SL)unit of illuminance, a measure of light arriving at a surface, 1 lumen per square foot equals 1 footcandle, while 1 lumen per square meter equals 1 lux . 
[lux = lumen/m2] energy saving LED lamp supplier

5) Color Temperature / Correlated Color Temperature(CCT)

A black-Body radiator will have a different color when it is heated up to different temperatures (in Kelvin). The Temperature at which the heated black-body radiator matches the color of the light source is the color temperature of the light source.

This specifications usually just write 3 words "CCT", it is stand for the Correlated Color Temperature or just Color Temperature

Lightac know the present energy saving LED lamps market CCT is 3 Types: Warm White :2700-3200K,Nature White:4000-4500K,Pure White:5500-6500K, in the reality,people may also need special CCT,for example: Below 2700K, Higher 6500K, 10 000K, or 15 000K,or need blue CCT and so on. those are not standard on market, of course is not standard for Manufacturers, but it can be customized, just tell us what CCT you are in need.Usually Customized service need MOQ request,maybe Hundreds pieces,maybe Thousands pieces.please note that points. energy saving LED lamp supplier

6) Color Rendering Index (CR)

Color rendering index ranges from 0-100 ,measures a light source's ability to reproduce the color of various objects being lit by a reference light source, black body radiator(CRI=100)

Here the market, as Lightac get know,CRI is more than 70 and CRI more than 80, even CRI more than 90.commonly people use CRI≥70,and CRI≥80,some products are below CRI 70 is cheaper on price,but is not good, CRI more than 85 or higher is nice, but should also note price is higher than others, so ,customers should know that.


7) Efficacy (lm/W)

Efficacy is the efficiency of a light source to concert electricity energy to light energy which is expressed in lumen output per unit power input (watt) [Efficacy = lumen / wattage]

This specification is also important, we get know lamp effieacy and watts ,we can know the lumens, that is Lumens=Lamp effiency x Watts.

for market,there are 70 LM/W ,80 LM/W, 90 LM/W,100 LM/W 110 LM/W,120 LM/W,even more than 120 LM/W,but please pay atention,more higher this specification,much higher price.You can let lightac know which one you want .


8) Design Life Time

Design life time is the average life of a lighting product when it is operated at nominal lamp voltage, current and controlled working environment. Actual lamp life varies because of any different from those rating condition. 

Lightac products lifetime can be 30 000 hours 50 000 hours etc, you can tell us your request.

9) Dimmability

Not all lighting products is designed for dimming function. Dimming a non-dimmable LED lighting product will cause un-predictable result and may affect the life time of the products. The below figure shows the typical input current variation while adjusting the DC voltage input to dimmable and non-dimmable product. energy saving LED lamp supplier

So, after you understand above details, we thnk you can choose the suittable products for yourself or your market.

And welcome to inquiry lightac sales team for the products demandings. any more questions, you can contact us directly via web leave messages or emails contact.

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