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LED structure and it's knowledge

2015-11-21 19:53:16 Lightac Industry Co.,Limited Read

Here is the brief introduction about LED Structures and it's main conception items.the workings of the related lighting industry should know and understand those knowledges.

For now LED lighting market is competitive as the price campaign to lower quality,but for higher quality, good speciications are alwasy together with the not cheap prices.

LED (Light Emitting Diode), Light Emitting Diode, mainly by the support, silver glue, wafer, gold line, epoxy resin five kind of material.

LED (Light Emitting - Diode - meaning in Chinese for Light Emitting Diode) is a kind of can convert electric power into Light energy of semiconductor, it changed the incandescent lamp tungsten luminous and energy-saving lamps sanki toner luminous principle, and use electric field luminous. According to the analysis, the characteristics of LED very bright show, long service life, high efficiency, low radiation and low power consumption. The white light LED spectral almost all focus on visible light frequency band, the luminous efficiency can be more than 150 lm/W (2010). Will LED and common incandescent lamp, spiral energy-saving lamps and T5 tricolor fluorescent lamp were compared, the results showed that: ordinary incandescent light bulb efficacy for 12 lm/W, life less than 2000 hours, the spiral energy-saving lamps efficacy for 60 lm/W, life is less than 800

some conceptions about items:

Color soft brightness it doesn't matter, and brightness and lumen value relevant
To see several related concepts:
(1) flux(lm)Due to the human eye to different wavelength of electromagnetic wave with different sensitivity, couldn't we just use the light source radiation power or radiation flux to measure light energy, must use the human eye to light feeling quantity for reference unit - flux to measure. Luminous flux with symbol Φ said, the unit is lumen (lm).

(2). The luminous intensity
Flux is a light source that emits a space to all around the total light energy. A different light source of the flux in the space distribution is different. Luminous intensity unit for candle, symbol for CD, it says light source in a certain unit spherical degree made

(3). Brightness(CD/m2)
Brightness is said eyes from one direction can see objects emission light intensity. The unit is candle/square metre [CD/m2], symbol for L, show that luminary in particular direction unit solid Angle of the flux per unit area, it is equal to 1 square meters on the surface of a 1 candle luminous intensity.

(4). Color temperature
(Color Temperature)
When light from the light color and black body in a certain temperature radiation color phase at the same time, the temperature of the black body is called the light colour temperature, with absolute temperature K (kelvin, kelvin = c + 273.15) said.
Color rendering (Color rendering property)
In principle, artificial light should be the same with natural light, so that the human eye can distinguish things right of color, of course, that according to the lighting position and purpose and decide.
Light source for object color the extent of the present called color rendering. Usually called "color rendering index" (Ra). Color rendering is refers to the things true colors (its own colour and lustre) and a standard light shows the color relations. Ra value the determination, is DIN6169 will be in the standard definition of 8 kinds of test color in standard light source and tested light for comparison, the smaller the color indicates that by photometric source color color rendering, the better.
Ra value for 100 light source said that things in its light and the colors displayed in standard light source under the agreement

LED Lamp is continue developing, and the people are gradually accept them to repalce with the traditional lamps, We ,Lightac will constant to develop and grow together with the LED lighting industry.

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