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Lightac Industry Co.,Ltd is a professional
supplier which specializing in supplying the indoor and outdoor LED lighting and relates to customers. We 
have three production base line and two sales offices in China area, they are :Shanghai, Shenzhen,,Zhejiang, Anhui,and Nantong City. For the several years of
developing, we are now export our products to all over the world and get the good comments from our customers, besides, we could provide

the OEM service based on customers' request with the strict quality control system under our QA Department, professional R&D innovation ability under Research and Development
Department,excellent technical support and customers service based on the Technical
Center and Customer Service 
Department .We are now develop and expand fast to become one of the lead supplier of the LED lighting products Every year, we will produce the 
updated new design fashionable styles products,to meet the current marketing and our customers' needs More information, please contact our sales team directly via email “sales@lightac.com ”,any technical discussion, please send email to support@lightac.com,or visit our website www.lightac.net,
www.lightac.com .

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